NRC across India; How BJP can harness communalism

The fate of the detected illegal migrants in the final draft of NRC still remains uncertain. As NRC is in the last procedure before publishing the final list – Receipt and disposal of Claims and Objection. Millions of Bengali community fears to be stateless. with no country to be deported, they are likely to be sent to detention camps in Assam. Even today many accused civilians are serving indefinite detention.

Ilhan Omar: An epitome of Muslim women’s political awakening

Ilhan Omar is a living embodiment of a socially and politically active Muslim identity that remains committed to ideals of social and political justice. “I know what my mission is. I know what my purpose is. I know that as long as I breathe I will continue to make people uncomfortable,” she said.

The Anatomy of Genocide and Mass Crimes against Minorities in India: Why India needs to Ratify the Rome Statute of ICC

India’s continuous denial to submit jurisdiction to the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court is not a debate or question of political sovereignty, rather it is a question of deep organized state policy to evade and deflect accountability to India’s ongoing genocide and mass violence pogroms and campaigns against Muslim, Sikhs, Kashmiri and Dalit.