Ex-US President George HW Bush passes away

Bush’s family hailed from a long line of U.S. aristocracy, a dynasty which spans politics, sports, the military and industrial exploits that were tied to the Rockefellers, financiers with links to the Harriman clan and noted Nazi-backer Fritz Thyssen as well as the elitist namesake Walker Cup golf competition.

Campesino and social leader Jose Antonio Navas murdered in Colombia

Navas, 55, was a father of 6 and was working for the establishment of Campesino Reserves and was registered in Colombia’s national program for the substitution of crops of illicit use.
Andres Elias Gil, also a member of the Patriotic March expressed his frustration with the Colombian state and armed forces through social media.

Transgender Rights Bill becomes law in Chile

The transgender bill signed into law on Wednesday defines gender identity as a personal conviction of whether a person sees himself or herself as male or female, irrespective of their physical state or the gender or name assigned to them in the country’s civic register.

Brazil ranks 1st in Latin America for femicides in 2017 in a recent report

“Femicide is the most extreme expression of violence against women. Neither the criminal classification of this offense nor the efforts to make it statistically visible have been enough to eradicate this scourge that alarms and horrifies us on a daily basis,” said Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC’s Executive Secretary.

Police silently watches Alt-Right groups attack LGBT protesters in Ukraine

The army of activists met with violent alt-right demonstrators who attacked the group with smoke bombs and pepper spray. When marchers attempted to move to a second location, counter-demonstrators followed them and continued to harass protesters. Two women and one Canadian Journalist Michael Colborne covering the event sustained some injuries.

Two-thirds of African cities face ‘extreme climate risk’

“Africa’s megacities already face issues like lack of clean water, sanitation and shelter.” The study found that as much as 47 percent of Africa’s GDP — an amount totaling close to US$1.4 trillion — to be at “extreme risk” from climate change by 2023, significantly higher as a percentage than any other continent.

Black Tunisians demand equality, in face of racism

Slavery was formally abolished in Tunis and in part of what forms modern-day Tunisia in 1846.
On October 9, Tunisia’s parliament adopted a landmark law penalizing the use of racist words, the incitement of hatred and discrimination. These crimes are now punishable by three years in prison and a US$5,600.

To close academia’s gender gap, Ireland announces women-only professorships

“This is one part of an overall package to help universities, but I also believe it is up to the presidents of the Irish universities to respond to the challenge,” O’Connor said.
While the plan has been widely hailed as a positive step by women’s rights groups across the country, data shows that closing the gender inequality gap will take time.