Homophobia in the land of Kamasutra: The paradox

So the queer community of India can be optimistic, they may even start preparing for celebrations. But when you celebrate the ultimate victory on your big day, make sure that you pay Mr. Suresh Kumar Koushal a visit and make his day.

‘Your disguise and dramas cannot fool us.’ From Pondicherry University

I live in the hostel that is historical for its stories of protests and sleepless nights. Yet for the past two months, the bathrooms on my floor doesn’t have proper lights or exhaust system. We don’t have a proper way to dispose of our sanitary napkins and the purifier in the floor doesn’t supply water anymore. There are days we find worms and flies in the food provided to us.

The man who taught Indians to read ‘Between the Lines’

A fatherly figure in the Indian media, Kuldip Nayar, breathed his last on Thursday early morning.  A doyen of Indian journalism, he etched his name in the minds of readers by his columns and memoirs. His demise comes at a time when the corporate media houses in India are more obsequious to their political masters.