Experience of marginalized women in Delhi’s Pinjra Tod

We write this to put forth our experience as women from marginalized race, religion and caste and to state in clear words as to how the intersectional feminism of Pinjra Tod is only a showcase from the outside and internally how marginalized women have little or no say in the decision making.

The political philosophy of cow

Cow has turned a ferocious god in contemporary India. The latest victim sacrificed in the altar of cow is Subodh Kumar Singh, a police inspector in Bulandshahr District, U.P. These incidents demand a probe into the philosophy of bovine politics. Tracing out of this philosophy navigates us to the Caligula’s horse-politics and much more.

Peranbu: a letter to life

A staircase, Mammootty sitting, and his eyes give away subtly the mountainous tiredness of a daily fight of a father. His lips vibrate minutely, as he keeps staring into something. The scene closes, and without even giving out a loud wail, or a drop of tear, or even a properly visible expression, he dominates the scene to its completeness.

Zakariya completes a decade of injustice: Beyummah

“Ten years, he was taken away in his early nineteen. How frightened he must have been then”, recalls Beyummah slipping into her thoughts. Zakariya has been in indefinite imprisonment under the draconian law called UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) after he was eight accuse in 2008 Bangalore blast.

Vitality of trade in India-Pakistan relation

Kashmir, Mumbai Attack, Kargil days, Infiltration, Ceasefire violation. The perception of an average Indian about Pakistan fills with the above fore. State-sponsored terrorism of Pakistan and the training grounds for these terrorists in Pakistan soil create major impediments in resolving the worst diplomatic issue in the planet.

The Strange Case of Democracy and Populism

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a novella by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson,published in 1886. The names of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the two alter egos of the main character, have become shorthand for the exhibition of wildly contradictory behaviour. Jekyll has secretly developed a potion that will allow him to separate the good and evil aspects of his personality.

‘I need your support’, Writes Anand Teltumbde

I, an IIM-A alumnus, IIT Professor, executive director of BPCL, Ex-MD & CEO of Petronet India, senior professor and chair, Big Data Analytics in Goa Institute of Management, author of 26 books, columnist in the Economic and Political Weekly, writer of innumerable articles, a noted scholar of caste-class and public policy issues, leading public intellectual and democratic and educational rights activist face imminent threat of arrest as an ‘Urban Maoist’ in the vilest post-independence plot by the state.

Triple Talaq and the Muslim women qoutient

Whereas the concerns of Muslim women lies there is a huge disparity on their front which is beyond the issue of mere their marriage and protection. Rather they are most in need of elevation through various social institutions and therefore needs some more concrete steps towards it.