Entering Masjids just to fulfil obligatory duties on time, and using it as a place of spiritual guidance and having a peaceful, unrestricted rapport with your Lord are two different things. And for most Masjids in Kerala, the first is what they assume doing it like God wanted. For most of these Masjids do not give a warm and clean welcome to the female gender seeking a place to get closer to God. While most of the woman’s sections are sidelined right next to a stinky, dry, and piss filled wash rooms, the main prayer area itself looks like the shady streets we avoid at all times. Filled with dust, with no basic electricity or sometimes-even directions to the Qibla, the male elite expects women to be satisfied with no complaints whatsoever that they are being given entry into their sacred places.

Half sleeve? I suppose I don’t have one!

The pursuit of expectations( of students) demands a sensible solution to this problem . Revising rules does not mean the board is liberalizing a very competitive examination .But it just means to act democratically by a giving a consenting nod to what the board has been teaching us at school ever since. Like so many worried parents, brothers, and sisters I am only a friend of someone who scored 97% of marks in 12th grade and is hoping that the board will let her wear hijab, respecting her ideology.

Reremembering Babsaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. Note from ASA HCU.

Before demise, Rohith Vemula, who was led to suicide due Political Victimization of BJP and RSS, reiterated “Dalit Organizations and Independent Dalit Activists must make a resolution to resist these RSS programs (pogroms) with tooth and nail fights. It is a waste of time to watch at the left side for support. Dalits should take RSS personally and fight back. Or else, we will be doomed to a future, very risky for our coming generations”. Ironically, the proponents of Hindu Raj had started appropriating Ambedkar on his 125th Birth Anniversary. As Babasaheb said, go back to villages and your localities, and emancipate the masses, failing which depressed classes will be doomed.

Difference between JNU and HCU. Vaikhari writes

Fast forward to 60 plus days and many protests later, VC Appa Rao Podile, the small fish who facilitated the murder of one of his own students, gets back to campus aided by right wing police and right wing administration. Nobody cares. Students starts protesting non violently and gets brutally beaten up and sexually, physically and verbally abused. Rape threats are issued at female students and Muslim students are called terrorists. Nobody bothers to report even. Around 36 people including 3 faculties are missing after police detained them. Do you care?

Reading Ibn Arabi in Derrida’s time.

I would argue that Sufism and deconstruction could be a guide to negate all forms of power , be it race, caste, gender, sexuality etc, and relocate our being in a social location that is ontologically situated outside of dominant power narratives.

Remembering Mudasir Kamran. The color of Kashmiri Blood in EFLU Campus

Like Mudassir, there are 100’s of students coming to these institutions from the lowest strata of society and from the most discriminated areas such as Kashmir. Irrespective of the fact that they have fought all odds to reach here, these institutions mostly fail to recognize their worth. Their merit is often rewarded with discrimination, humiliation, violence and death.